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Custom Treasury Management


Gladys Mulumba
Treasury Analyst
Frédéric Léger
Romain Giraudeau
Sales Director
At a time when rising interest rates have put the spotlight on the role of cash management, find out what experts have to say about best practices for optimal cash management.


How to effectively onboard teams around cash management issues?
Discover how to simplify usage with a smooth and collaborative UX to engage all stakeholders.
How to adapt cash management to the specific needs of your organization?
Learn how to customize your management with precise categorization rules and analytical axes.
How to build trust with transparent cash management practices?
Explore the importance of clear auditing, unified data, and rigorous approval control.
Gladys Mulumba, Treasury Expert at Spendesk: "How I structured and optimized the Treasury function at Spendesk thanks to Payflows."

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