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Virtual cards.

Fast and flexible payments with stronger control over spend.

Easy payments

Enable one-click payments with virtual cards while maintaining detailed audit trails.

  • Facilitate faster payments for both one-time and recurring purchases.
  • Issue an unlimited number of virtual credit cards across your company.
Illustration showing a fan of Payflows virtual cards.
Illustration showing a virtual card with side information.

Flexible spending

Empower your organization with upfront approvals and limits based on vendor, price, or category.

  • Customize approval workflows for various request types.
  • Set card limits and purposes according to employee purchase requests.

Simplified accounting

Streamline reconciliation with automated data inheritance and receipt management.

  • Automatically inherit vendor and code data for faster reconciliation.
  • Automate receipt fetching, matching, and reminders.
Illustration showing a sidepeek of a transaction.
Illustration showing a fan of virtual cards with spending details.

Real-time monitoring

Keep track of payments in real-time and maintain a comprehensive audit trail.

  • Centralize all spending data for a single source of truth.
  • Access insights such as vendor or category spending breakdowns.

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