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Treasury management.

One-stop-shop for cash management and payments.

Home screen of Payflows product showing global cash position on October 6th, 2023

Effortless cash and cash-flow visibility

Get real-time cash visibility with our native multi-protocol connectivity

Automated, accurate cash forecasting

Create customized scenarios and accurately forecast your cash flow.

Secure and automated payment hub

Make payments globally building tailored workflows in just a few clicks.

Automated banking reconciliation

Get real-time sync with ERP and reconcile expected payments and transactions.

Your cash management one-stop-shop

Our unique features.

Your single gateway to banking data

Connect all your accounts with ease thanks to our native multi-protocol banking connectivity (EBICS TS, SWIFT, SFTP, APIs).

  • Syncs data across all financial systems : bank accounts, PSPs, etc.
  • Provides insights and beautiful reports to make informed decisions.
  • Customizes your views and share insights with stakeholders.
Logos of banks and ERP with Payflows logo in the middle
Illustration of focasting automation and different forecast scenarios

Automated cash forecasting

Automate cash forecasting across different pre-defined scenarios and anticipate more easily liquidity traps.

  • Account payables and receivables generate forecasted flows.
  • Forecasts and actuals are automatically reconciled.
  • Anomalies and liquidity shorts get flagged.

Eliminate manual reconciliation and close your books faster

Put an end to manual imports of bank statements and payments files from one system to another.

  • Real-time sync between Payflows and your ERP.
  • Automate banking reconciliation instantly.
  • Reconcile expected payments and transactions.
Circular illustration of the reconciliation process
Illustration showing a conversation between a Ameline Fouquet, a requester and Nina Morel, an approver

Get everyone on the same page for unified decision-making

Empower team by sharing the right data with the right person at the right time without hassle.

  • Control access in seconds to increase self-service and autonomy.
  • Reduce email clutter and delays by bringing conversations into Payflows.
  • Keep perfect audit trails with access to the history of every transaction.

Streamline and centralize payments

Eliminate manual approval across different tools and banking interface, increase finance security and reduce fraud.

  • Generate intakes and route them to the right approval flow.
  • Automate payment by Wire or Virtual Cards in different currencies.
  • Keep data up to date and facilitate reconciliation with ERP sync.
Illustration showing two payment method, virtual card or wire transfer
Illustration showing a notification for suspect requests to resolve

Get notified when fraud is suspected

Detect suspected payments before they are made with machine learning and flags them so your company stays protected.

  • Keep separation of duties through granular permissions
  • Review suspected payments with real-time notifications.
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit-trail with all payment events.

Pre-built connectors

The ultimate gateway to accurate information.

Logos of banks and ERP with Payflows logo in the middleLogos of banks and ERP with Payflows logo in the middle

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