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A single entry point for a guided buying experience.

Illustration of a purchase requisition process from the request to the approval with different approval steps

Intuitive user experience

Create a single point of entry for spend requests and make it as easy as ordering an Uber.

Collaborative approval flows

Streamline approvals with tailored workflows and keep everyone in the loop.

360° visibility on spend

Get visibility on spend before commitments are made and monitor budget on real-time.

Big savings on licences

Centralize data and remove the need to buy everyone licences to other systems.

Your single entry point for all purchases

Our unique features.

No-code intake forms

Ensure users are guided through your buying policy and given context throughout.

  • Build intuitive intake workflows in seconds tailored to your business.
  • Add conditional rules and logic to streamline request routing.
  • Access pre-built templates to deploy forms for any need in minutes.
Illustration of the form creation with questions and conditions
Illustration of an approval with its different steps, from the request to the final review

Smart approval workflows

Build approval chains that keeps everyone in the loop and offers broad visibility on what is next.

  • Add parallel and conditional approvals as needed tailored to your business.
  • Get users notified in their preferred way : Payflows, Slack, Teams, email...

PO automation

Automate PO creation and synchronization in ERP once request is fully approved through the approval workflow.

  • Automate PO creation and synchronization in SAP, NetSuite, etc.
  • Send PO to vendors with relevant purchase terms or contract reference.
Illustration of the PO automation near vendors and syncronization in ERP
Illustration showing Vendors list and their boarding status on Payflows

Supplier onboarding and management

Get a single supplier dashboard with real-time ERP sync and a supplier portal that’s easy for vendors to adopt.

  • Empower supplier to onboard, share documents, collaborate with your team.
  • Automate supplier assessment with our third-party connections.
  • Manage data across vendors through a comprehensive supplier dashboard.

Budget management

Monitor budget, committed and invoiced amounts in real-time.

  • Manage committed and available budget by cost center, category or vendor.
  • Empower budget owners to control and make informed decisions.
  • Get real-time budget updates based on current purchase requests.
Illustration showing budget management in different cost centers and categories
Illustration showing a popin to re-negociate and reniew a contract or terminate it, with a notification on Payflows

Renewal management

Eliminate accidental renewals with 360° dashboard and automated workflows well ahead of time and appropriate approvals.

  • Build intuitive renewal workflows tailored to your business in seconds.
  • Manage renewals in one place with the renewal dashboard.
  • Collect insights and re-negotiate all your contracts as needed and on time.

Pre-built connectors

The ultimate gateway to accurate information.

Logos of banks and ERP with Payflows logo in the middleLogos of banks and ERP with Payflows logo in the middle

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