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Other integrations.

Integrate Payflows with your existing systems to supercharge your finance and procurement operations.

Logos of tools with Payflows logo in the middle

Contract management

Streamline contract management and e-signatures thanks to Payflows’ seamless connectivity with legal solutions.

  • Manage the entire procurement process into a single platform.
  • Enhance compliance across workflows and a perfect audit trail.
  • Improve your control over spend through a centralized repository.
Illustration showing logos of contract management tools.
Illustrations showing logos of human resources tools.

Human resources

Seamlessly integrate your HR-IS solution into Payflows within minutes for effortless user management.

  • Enable real-time employee list sync with the correct access permissions.
  • Overcome bottlenecks by setting-up delegations during out-of-office days.

Security & compliance

Enhance security protocols and manage user access more effectively by integrating Payflows smoothly with security tools.

  • Enable secure authentication using the most popular SSO systems.
  • Automate onboarding risk assessment thanks to third party solutions.
Illustration showing Google, Microsoft, Okta, OneTrust, OneLogin and Vanta logo.
Illustrations showing HubSpot, Google Sheets, Outlook, Slack, Salesforce, Google Gmail and Microsoft Teams logo.


Enhance teamwork and efficiency by integrating Payflows with the most widely used productivity tools.

  • Maximize adoption through smooth integration in your messaging tools.
  • Enhance CRM capabilities with real-time customer data synchronization.

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