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Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Ensure seamless data transfer with an integration syncing data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a click, fitting your existing processes.

Get a real-time ERP synchronisation

Payflows seamlessly sits on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, making it easy to create items and ensuring that no data is lost across systems.

  • Keep an up-to-date and reliable overview thanks to native bidirectional connection.
  • Issue an unlimited number of virtual credit cards across your company.
Illustration showing PO information synchronized in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Payflows
Illustration showing User management in Payflows settings and different possible roles for each user

Scale without increasing the number of licenses

Reduce the number of Microsoft Dynamics 365 licences required by enabling your team to work directly from Payflows.

  • Create new users for free, with specific roles thanks to granular access permissions.
  • Allow users to push data from Payflows into Microsoft Dynamics 365 without additional licences.

Put your Accounts Payables data sync on autopilot

Synchronize your data throughout the accounts payables process into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and get information at your fingertips.

  • Generate and push POs into Microsoft Dynamics 365 once a request passes the proper approvals.
  • Automate your 3-way invoice matching directly on Payflows with our OCR technology.
Illustration showing the automation and the synchronization of an invoice with all PO information in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Illustration showing the synchronization of transactions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with all details

Automate Journal Entry posting to your General Ledger

Connect your bank accounts and gather all your bank statements into Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline the reconciliation.

  • Let data flow in real time from your banks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with field mapping and normalization.
  • Reduce the amount of manual effort finance teams to prepare bank data for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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