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Banking connectivity.

Payflows consistently collects and standardizes information from your banks and payment providers, allowing you to monitor your real-time cash positions.

Logos of banks with Payflows logo in the middle

Global connectivity.


Payflows supports major EBICS versions (2.4, 2.5 and 3.0) as well as local variants in Germany, Switzerland, France and other countries.


Payflows supports push and pull-based direct host-to-host connectivity.


Payflows connects thousands of payment service providers, neobanks, or modern bank offerings over API.


Payflows connects to ERPs like NetSuite to ensure smooth payments and financial data flow.

File formats

Payflows supports SWIFT MT messages, ISO20022 XML files, local file formats such as giro files and more.

Domestic schemes

Payflows supports domestic schemes including SEPA, FPS, BACS, giro payments and more.

Connect your banks

Get all your accounts with ease on a single platform thanks to our native multi-protocol banking connectivity.

  • Connect to thousands of accounts worldwide with EBICS TS, SWIFT, SFTP, APIs, etc.
  • Go live in minutes, not hours, with our easy and self-serve connectivity system.
Illustration showing bank accounts in Payflows settings
Illustrations showing cash balance on September 24th, 2023 with Inflows and Outflows information

Monitor your cash in real time

Consolidate in one click your financial data with full, real-time syncing from your financial systems and Payflows.

  • Sync data across all financial systems and get up-to-date and reliable cash information.
  • Get all your transactions and balances in one place effortlessly and make reconciliation easier.

Automate your payments

Streamline payments from request to reconciliation smoothly by integrating your financial providers into a single payment hub.

  • Create orders manually to send a single payment or import a batch of multiple payments using CSV or XML.
  • Monitor the evolution of your orders from the dispatch to the execution and the appearance in your statement.
Illustration showing account selection for a bulk payment

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